Aspire NautilusTank
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Aspire NautilusTank
Aspire NautilusTank


2014 Aspire Nautilus Airflow Adjustable Nautilus Tank System
1. Airflow adjustable tube
3.stainless steel outlooking

Aspire NautilusTank

Brand Name Aspire
Place of Origin Guangdong,China (Mainland)

1) 1.8ohm 3.3-6.0V ,2)1.6ohm 3.3-5.0V

compatible style various e-cig battery
certificate CE, RoHs
Shape Tank
Color Clear
Design Customized
Logo Aspire
Advantage High quality &competitive price&good services&recyclable
Supply Ability MOQ:100set
Cooperation Welcome

3.Product Features                                                                                                                               

1.Electronic atomizer reduces smoking frequency and produce no harm to secondhand smoke
2.No lighting needed and no fire hazard exist and it can be used in most public place
3.With scale on the clearomizer, you can see how much you inhaled.
4.A good gift for your family and friends
5.Clearomizer tank system,easy clean
6.Manufactured from thick durable tank style plastic
7.100% no burning taste,no leakage
8.Durable supply of ,no broken,more Quick&stable  supply  

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