Aspire Platinum Kit
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Aspire Platinum Kit
Aspire Platinum Kit
Aspire Platinum Kit is first Sub-Ohm kit and so far the most popular Sub-Ohm total solution on the market, best for vapers who pursuit performance yet do not have much time for RBAs.

Aspire Platinum Kit

The Aspire CF subΩ battery is finely crafted from the highest quality materials. It has a huge metal activation button, 100% stainless steel endpoints, and a carbon fiber coated tube. The unique spring connector ensures a strong connection between the battery and tank at all times. Designed to supply the intense power needed to fire low-resistance atomizers, the Aspire CF subΩ has a well-thought-out structural design and control circuit that makes it extremely reliable and stable.

The Aspire CF VW battery
Slightly bigger than a standard eGo vaporizer and covered with carbon fiber coating, the Aspire CF battery is both lightweight and durable. It fits your grip perfectly and doesn't attract too much attention. The Aspire Platinum Kit also comes with an inconspicuous leather case that lets you carry your CF battery anywhere you go.

The 2000mAh Aspire CF is specially made for firing low-resistance atomizers at up to 30W with a 40-Amp maximum output. The endpoints are made of stainless steel so they will never corrode even with the constant presence of moisture. Spring-loaded connectors keep the Aspire CF firmly attached to the Aspire Atlantis sub-ohm tank for a consistent vape.

Although the Aspire CF works best with the Atlantis tank included in the Platinum kit, there's always room for customization. You can easily swap your Atlantis with an Aspire Nautilus or even the Aerotank from Aspire's biggest competitor – KangerTech.

The Aspire Atlantis Tank
The Aspire Atlantis is one of the best sub-ohm atomizer tanks on the market today. With improved adjustable airflow and enhanced BVC design, the Atlantis is guaranteed to perform as well as rebuildable DIY atomizers. Fill it with your favorite e-liquid flavor and enjoy exemplary taste and massive clouds of vapor with every puff.

Adjustable airflow vents allow you to customize the resistance of the draw according to your 
preference. Sub-ohm coils are perfect for those who prefer highly viscose liquids. The Aspire Atlantis can be fitted with coils as low as 0.5 ohm resistance.


Full starter kit
Tank with 2ml capacity (5ml optional)
2000mAh variable wattage vaporizer
Carbon fiber coated tube
Bottom vertical coil design
Can fire 0.5-ohm atomizers


Variable wattage battery
Suitable voltage: 3.0V-4.2V
Capacity: 2000mAh
Output voltage: 4.2V full power output
Compatible with 0.3-1.0 Ω atomizer
Maximum current: 40A
Dimensions: 114.5mm x 22mm

Liquid capacity: 2ml
Tank: Pyrex glass
Hardware: stainless steel
Available resistance: 0.5 ohm (20-30W)
Airhole sizes: 2mm, 2.8mm, ellipse 6*2.6mm, ellipse 9*2.6mm
Dimensions: 22mm x 70.3mm

What's in the box
1 x Aspire CF sub Ω 2000mAh battery
1 x Aspire Atlantis tank (2ml)
5 x replacement 0.5-ohm atomizers
1 x Atlantis replacement tank with hollowed-out sleeve
1 x USB charger
1 x leather case

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