Monster v3
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Monster v3
Monster v3
Chuff kit not included.

Completely Redesigned Deck and Chimney
All proprietary parts and accessories.
75% more airflow than the V2
The 510 pin is made out of copper and allows for any hybrid connection to work.
The massive air hole in the base acts as cooling around the center pin and block.
Alows for sub ohm chain vaping without melting down the insulator.
The center pin and block are one piece that is gold plated allowing less voltage drop and much more airflow due to the airhole size.

Monster v3

Included in V3 Kit
  • Base with copper screw and Gold plated center pin. 
  • Full section tank and chimney. 
  • 2 drip tips, interchangeable that do not heat up.  (Red & Black) 


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