Le Magister RTA
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Le Magister RTA
Le Magister RTA

Le Magister RTA

Le Magister RTA by Vaponaute

• Made in France

• RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer holding approximately 2.5ml of liquid
• ø22mm
• Stainless steel 316L
• Single or dual coil
• Reduced chamber

• Airflow Control : ø1.2mm, ø1.5mm and ø2.2mm (2.2mm can be used to adjust hole on hole, allowing an accurate air hole size as you like to vape)
• Cotton or fiber wick
• Spare kit : 2x O-ring ID18mm Tore1mm green Viton and 1 O-ring ID5.5mm Tore1.5mm


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