Kanger 2.5 Ohm Replacement Bottom coil 5pk
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Kanger 2.5 Ohm Replacement Bottom coil 5pk
Kanger 2.5 Ohm Replacement Bottom coil 5pk
Kangertech 2.5 Ohm Replacement Bottom Single Coil 5 Pack
These are replacement bottom coils that are made for the Kangertech bottom coil tanks and clearomizers. Bottom coil tanks and clearomizers provide a nice warm vapor, with a superb clean flavor, and reduced wicking issues. This is due to the bottom coil design. These coils vape great and are versatile because they work with most of the Kangertech bottom single coil tanks and clearomizers including but not limited to the Evod, the Protank, the Mini Protank, the Protank 2, the Mini Protank 2, the Unitank and the Unitank Mini.

This is for a Pack of 5 Replacement coils only.

Please note these coils are not compatable with other bottom coil tanks made by manufactureers other than kangertech.
All items are single coil. 1.5 Ohm coils may not work with all devices because of their low resistance.

Kanger 2.5 Ohm Replacement Bottom coil 5pk

Kangertech 1.8 Ohm LR Replacement Coil

1.8 ohm LR (Low Resistance) coil. Manufactured by Kangertech. Testing shows a nice consistent vape at 3.7 volts.

kangertech 2.5 Ohm Replacement Coil

2.5 ohm coil. Manufactured by Kangertech. Testing shows a nice consistent vape at 3.7 and 5 volts.


Please read our 'Terms and Warranty' info before purchasing Replacement Coils.


Low Resistance (LR) Replacement Coil (approx. 1.8 ohms): These Coils have a lower resistance than regular Coils. LR Coils run hotter and create more vapor than regular Coils. They are meant for use with regular 3.7V batteries. We do not recommend using them with a high voltage (6V-7.4V) setup; this will shorten the lifespan of the LR Coil significantly.


Useful Tip:

It is always a good idea to have a spare Replacement Coils!

Cleaning your Replacement Coil

There are many methods for cleaning, some more successful than others. “Blowing out” the coil is usually the first recommendation and can fix many issues on the fly. As mentioned above as a fix for a flooded coil, simply remove the coil from the tank or clearomizer. Place your lips on the top end of the coil and blow firmly to push the excess liquid or gunk onto a paper towel from the top end.   However, if this does not fix the problem try one of the following methods:


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