The Rose V2-S Atomizer
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The Rose V2-S Atomizer
The Rose V2-S Atomizer
The Rose V2-S Atomiser is a very special device for connoisseurs. The Rose V2-S is the natural successor to the Rose V2 in all aspects.

Main Characteristics:
· Material: Stainless Steel Type 316 (half tank is made of clear polycarbonate with a spare Stainless Steel 316 half tank)
· Diameter: Ø22mm
· Length (including drip tip and connector): 63.5mm
· Length (excluding drip tip and connector): 44mm
· Wick type: Silica rope or cotton
· Connector type: 510 (M7x0,5mm Pitch)
· Tank Capacity: 3.5ml

The Rose V2-S Atomizer

Special Features:
  ·  Single coil or dual coil configurations - Single coil with 2 wicks or 2 coils with a wick each
  ·  Airflow control ring - Fully open will offer a Ø2.0mm hole for airflow
  ·  Juice flow control - By turning the mouthpiece, you can adjust the flow of juice onto the coil
  ·  Ceramic coil cup - You can choose to not use the coil cup if you prefer
  ·  Re-coiling without emptying tank - Simply invert and unscrew the coil head assembly for re-coiling
  ·  No resistance wire not needed - Careful attention has been made to the ease of setting up a coil in The Rose V2-S
  ·  Adjustable 510 centre pin - Made from lead-free brass

In the Kit:
Each Rose V2-S Atomiser comes with a stainless steel stand, so you can rest your inverted Rose while re-coiling without fear of spilling your e-juice.
If you invert the stand, it will allow you to store your Rose V2-S by locating the two pins on the stand.
The stand has a third function in conjunction with the supplied lever bar, you can completely disassemble The Rose V2-S for deep cleaning.
Also included with The Rose V2-S kit are a stainless steel 316 half tank, an allen key and spare o-rings and screws.


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